Holiday Settings for Auto Attendant shows Invalid Date

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We are trying to set up Holidays and insert them into AA for holiday call flow but after setting it shows 'Invalid Date' and calls does not go thru the holiday call flow instead it follows the main greeting message, which is not suppose to happen during the holiday. In Teams admin here is what I realize happens, in the AA the date format changes to (DD/MM/YYYY). So in holiday setting if I were to add 3/23/2021 (MM/DD/YYYY), in the AA it changes the format to (DD/MM/YYYY) that’s why its showing up invalid. If I set the date to anything lower then 12 then it works in AA. 

Is there any fix to the format?

Holiday Setting1.pngHoliday Setting2.png


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Seems like an issue with Teams. I can get half of my Holidays to work, the others show Invalid Date. I did the samething by deleting and recreating but it only affects the same 3 holidays. I found this link but same issue.