High pitch noise bug in teams

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wondering if anyone else has this problem or knows how to fix.

every time someone joins a teams call I'm in, Teams makes a very high pitch noise 12 times exactly.

the only way I could visualize this was by recording it and putting it into Vegas.

Attached screenshot shows whats happening.


I'd expect posting the video wouldn't help much since this noise is inaudible to everyone I've shown it to

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I have the same problem. No soulutions found yet.
I've noticed this too, still a problem
more than a year later and this bug is still here, why am i not surprised :face_with_rolling_eyes:

@Cohectum I thought there was something going wrong with my hard drive until I saw audio activity in OBS when I heard the noise from Microsoft Teams. I guess very few people can hear the noise, but for those who can, it's annoying, distracting, and somewhat painful.


Has there been any response on this from Microsoft? It's still happening in 2023.