Hierarchical vs autonomous management in MS Teams

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Need help understanding the relative value of:


1. Creating MS Teams groups/sites for two groups within an organization that I then need to manage.


2. Allowing each of those two respective groups to create their own channel/team site of which access will be given.


(e.g. I assume if the former, the two groups would need to receive my approval to grant future access and regulate permissions...) 

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Are you an administrator? You can create groups, teams, sites for others using the admin portals without adding yourself as an owner. But you need to add an owner. That person would be responsible for managing the team settings, including membership if it's a private team. Anyone can join a public team.

You'll only be the owner if creating a team from within Teams as an example. For this scenario you'd have add additional owners and remove yourself from the team.

You have the possibility to be granular and specify who should be able to create groups by configuring the AzureADDirectorySetting with PowerShell. These would be the only ones that can create M365 groups (in turn Teams team).
No, I am not an administrator, but thank you for your response. This is quite helpful!