Hide sensitive meeting names on Teams Android devices

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We're trying to deploy Teams Android devices in multiple shared meeting rooms.

  • Teams Display Lenovo View
  • Teams Yealink & Poly Phones
  • Teams Yealink, Poly Meeting Bars

But we can't use them, cause all meeting room titles are displayed public to all and cannot be hidden. 

We book sensitive meetings as private, but there is no option to "hide private meetings"

Also an option like on Teams Rooms devices like "Don't show meeting name" is not available for Teams Android devices.


Does it mean that these devices cannot be used in public meeting rooms at all? Does this mean that all meeting bars/phones & huddle rooms with Android Teams are not suitable for sensitive meetings?


To completely delete the event title in the meeting room calender is not an option.

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i have the same qustions - are there any news on this?

@matthisk Yes. i found the issue. You need to buy Teams Rooms licenses. Only then you are able to disable the meeting names in the settings. It require a reboot.