Hide pane to right of toolbar?

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Does anyone know how to hide the circled pane below? I don't want to view this most of the time, and it's taking up too much screen space. Thanks in advance.



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No! Sorry
No and I agree this feature would be nice to have!
If you are not on full screen and resize the window it goes away

Thanks for your response, Christopher. I have tried this on both the web-based version and the PC version of Teams but have not been able to make the pane disappear. Was there anything else that you did?

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I don't know why I didn't figure this out earlier, but you can make the Teams pane disappear by clicking on the Expand icon in the top right corner. Problem solved.


Wow, always learning new stuff...I have not noted this option either. For what I see, the option is not always there...for instance it's if you are in the Files Tab or in other Tab you have added (such as a Planner Tab), but it's not if you are in a channel conversation so I guess this can be something specific to the Tab you are using
I'm also interested in figuring out how to remove the pop up toolbar that goes over presentations when mouse movement is detected.

@Ted Beamthat is not an option in the version we use, are you perhaps aware of another method at this point?



Hold CTRL and scroll with your mouse wheel to hide that pane. @Ted Beam