Hide or deactivate "Posts"

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Having the "Posts" channel as a default first channel is really not ideal. It's really more of an annoyance for what we do as a company/how we want to use Teams. Anyone know how to hide or deactivate this tab?

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@hridev it may not be possible to hide or delete the Posts tab, given how deeply integrated they are in Team channels. It may be possible with PowerShell but that may have unintended consequences.  Don't quote me on whether PowerShell can do this or not; I do not know for sure.


If your goal is to prevent staff from posting to a channel, you may find some success with Channel Moderation.  I know it's not what you're looking for but it's something you can do today if you haven't tried yet. 

@AlexH980 no, it's not really that. We simply just do not use it and to have it be the first thing that pops up when we open the channel is a distraction/annoyance. We already have Skype, which will go away someday soon I understand, but it would be better if the chat were a separate feature in the sidebar like a chat feature w/ notifications if you had a message waiting. My 2 cents.


We use Teams to track project progress and like it because of it's growing connectivity and usefulness with Outlook.


Anyway, thank you for connecting with me and taking the time to provide advice.



Great question, hridev! I agree that it would be very helpful to have the option to hide the Posts tab. Most of my teams don't use it at all since the Chat feature is so popular and similar.
Hi was there any news on this - we have the same problem and it would be great to at least hide these tabs even if removing them completely was not possible

Same issue here, Teams in fact is so great but having this feature to hide the discussion from being a main tab would be so much more comfortable to use. 


Hopefully Microsoft Teams dev team will come up with a solution soon.