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Short question,


One of the users in our company has all incoming video disabled once more than 1 participant has video turned on. There is no issue when it's a one-one-one call, but as soon as a seconds video comes in, all incoming video is disabled, yet it shows fine for the other participants. 


She is using the Teams desktop client.


We have gone through the settings, and 'Turn off incoming video' is definitely not turned on.


could not find anything like this, so thought i'd post it here. 


Hope anyone can help!



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Hi, first time I've heard this one. The incoming video shuts down when more than two in the meeting? It makes me wonder what is happening using Teams online? If there's an issue there too you're better of opening a support ticket with Microsoft. But if it works online you can always do some work with desktop client by either completely reset it or reinstall etc.

For ex. remove all data in the below locations and reinstall. (assuming using Windows)

Doesn't hurt to check this while you're at it

Let me know how it goes, this is an odd behavior which got me curious!

@p-vos111 sounds like a network issue of some kind. 1:1 calls route directly over the lan if they can, as soon as a third person is added the call then moves to the cloud so the traffic is them coming from the internet.

Aha.. that’s something I should know and now in the ”archive” :) Thanks for adding to the conversation!
As the user has the same issue working from home, with or without connecting to our company network through a VPN,
or working straight from the office,
do you have any idea what might cause the network issue?
Checked user's internet speed, download was around 11 Mbit from home, which should be enough in my mind?
I kind of expected that to be the next step. I will go ahead and delete the user's Teams client, and empty all the caches. I'll get back to you!
We have this exact same issue with one of our workers using MacBook Air with newest Teams app. Suddenly incoming video started disappearing every time more than 1 participant enters the same meeting she is in. I'm closely waiting for the solution in here. We've tried already multiple different networks that are completely unrelated to each other. The problem is not network related.

@ChristianBergstrom @AkiGr @Steven Collier ,


Reinstalling the Teams client (Not neccesary to delete the cache files) did the trick! Hope this also works for you @AkiGr .


Thanks for the help @ChristianBergstrom !