Help! Unable to join a specific channel as guest - possible issue with personal/work email

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I’m experiencing what I think is a very niche issue on Teams. I’m unable to figure it out and I wonder if there’s a genius out there who might know what’s going on!


I access a number of different Teams channels as a ‘guest’ for clients I work with. I use my work email address for this.


However, there’s one client whose Teams channel I was only able to access by signing in using a personal version of my work email address… even though email notifications relating to the channel would arrive in the inbox of the work version of my email address.


This was getting really confusing for me as I’d need to log out then log in again if I wanted to jump between different Teams channels, but it seemed to be the only way.


In an effort to make things easier, I’ve now closed the personal version of my work email address. I wasn’t using it for anything other than logging in to Teams for this one particular client. It’s in the process of being closed - I think it takes a couple of months for it to officially close. When I try to log in now, I still see the message 'It looks like this email is used with more than one account from Microsoft. Which one do you want to use? Work or school account / Personal account'. Maybe the personal account needs to fully close before I no longer see this message?


I also asked the client whose Teams channel I couldn’t access to delete me from their channel then re-add me. They’ve done this, and I’ve got the email notification to join their channel in the work version (the now only version) of my email address.


I’d hoped this would have sorted things but when I click on the invitation email and try to join through either Teams desktop app or web app, I’m unable to.


Strangely, when I’m logged into Teams and have access to the various other channels, if I click my profile icon then ‘Accounts & orgs’ and can see the name of the channel I want to join but it won’t let me. On the desktop app it brings up the ‘We’re sorry - we’ve run into an issue’ screen. On the web app, it looks like it’s loading but then it takes me back to the previous screen.


I tried logging in through the mobile app and one time got an error message saying ‘Sorry, but we’re having trouble with signing you in. AADSTS90036: An unexpected, non-returnable error stemming from the directory service has occurred.’


It’s all a bit confusing and should be simple. If there’s anyone out there with any ideas I would be eternally grateful!


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