Help getting outlook calendar and teams calendar to sync

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Dear all,


My new institution has a webmail based email service, and they also have access to Office 365 including Teams.


I have managed, after quite the ordeal, to add my webmail email address to the Outlook desktop app for windows 10 (as far as I understand, this linking cannot be done for the web-based outlook anymore). I can now manage my webmail email address through the Outlook app.


My Teams account is registered with the same email address, however I cannot get the Outlook calendar to sync with the teams calendar. For example, I can create a Teams meeting in teams, but this one won't appear in my Outlook calendar, and I can create a Teams meeting with the Teams-add-in from Outlook, but it won't appear in my Teams calendar.


What am I missing here?

Just for completeness, I've been creating meetings with only me as an attendant, for testing.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that my web-based Outlook calendar does sync with my Teams calendar. That is, if I create a meeting in the web-based Outlook calendar it does appear in my Teams calendar, and viceversa works also.


Thanks in advance.

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I'll answer myself, in case anyone reading this needs an answer.


Someone on the Teams subreddit told me this is basically impossible since my institutional email is not hosted by Microsoft Exchange.





I'm also facing the same issue. Looking for solution too.

Same problem. Terrible app, terrible company.