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Hi, as a business we would like to find the best Teams App to use.  We have multiple projects in flight.  As a brief description, we have multiple sites (addresses/towns) and at each site we have multiple projects.  What we are looking for is an App that allows us to input the site name and details about that site and then within that site name, list the projects ongoing.  We are currently using 'Tasks by Planner and To Do' but although great, it does not give us the detail we need.  Hoping to find an App where we can have a tile as the site name and then within that tile have 'daughter' tiles with each project going on at that site showing detail of the current status.  Thanks all.

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Please ask Teams community here Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Tech Community , this space is to discuss TechComm itself.

@fionamcnaught Thanks! @Sergei Baklan is correct. I'm moving your post to the Microsoft Teams discussion space - please post Teams question there in the future.

Its alright Eric, I heard Sergei the first time