having trouble joining a team

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hi, I started free a "work" account in Microsoft teams


cant find channels, teams, or other org members even when sent links from other members. 


i also tried in teams tab selecting join or create team, but there is no "join a team tile , only create a team.

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Hi @NATEDW07 ,


So just to confirm you signed up for the Free version of Teams? Worth noting there are limitations in the free version, compared to that available as part of a paid for M365 subscription.


However after that little disclaimer. Are you trying to join an existing Team. As by the sounds of it, these Teams will not exist within your Free Teams Org, which you are seeing. You could of course and should be able to create a Team and invite others in.

However back to the possibility that you are wanting to see Teams that are already present within other Teams Organisations. They would need to ensure they have added in the same account (Email/UPN), that you are using for Teams as a Guest if going beyond External Chat collaboration, which would not require you to be added as a Guest.

So that is a long winded way of me saying, have they added the right account as a Guest to their existing Team. Once done and you have received and accepted the invitation. You will then be able to switch between Orgs when you are logged into Teams. So you should see a drop down towards the top right of the client or web version of Teams, allowing you to switch between your Home Org and any other Orgs you have been added as a Guest to.







thanks for the reply. i understand what you are saying regarding the admin having to add my account to the team to get an invite. 


for clarity, yes i am trying to join an existing team.


i have requested that they add my account to the team to get me an invite.


however, the team i am trying to join sent me a link to join in my email (url has group ID number) but the link just opens my regular teams tab with no team listed to join. entering the group id, or member emails or anything into the search tab gets nothing. 


the help faq says that when i go into the teams tab, there is a button for "join or create team" the faq says that after clicking on that, two tiles should be visible, one that says "create team" the other that says "join team from code."


the "join team from code" tile is not there, at all...


thanks again 



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Hi @NATEDW07 ,


I don't believe you get the Join Team with a code in the free version of Teams, plus it wouldn't help you as that is for joining a Team within the same Org.

So back to needing to be a Guest of a Team in another Org, you want to be seeing something similar to this in the top right, to allow you to switch to the Org in which you have been added as Guest to one of their Teams: