Having issue with mic, speaker and cam after recent Teams updates

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Some of my office users have an issue that Teams app can't detected their mic, speaker and camera. But i try with the web version it is fine. Sometimes it fixed by re-sign in the app or close the app and try to sign in again. Any of you got similar problem recently ? fyi it happened to various windows 10 version (1803, 1903, 1909).


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@herylupi  not that i am aware of only 2-3 users out of the 2000+ users who all got recent updates... had issues of the camera was freezing that we resolve using a workaround by adding a key to registry besides everyone else is really up and running without any issues.



I am using MS Teams in the organisation, We have few Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Book. I am facing issue with my teams on those devices only. While using the meeting the mic becomes mute, it shows speaker not available on the devise and then the computer becomes slow. to the point where we have to force restart the same.