Have you seen, that microphone is lost during Teams meeting?

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Does anybody have experiences with Microsoft Teams meetings and losing the microphone during the meeting. The meeting starts fine, everything is working, then after several minutes others do not hear me. Mic is not muted. Headset speakers are working all the time, so it is only the microphone.


If waiting more minutes, the microphone comes back.


This seems to be started after Windows 10 was upgraded to 21H2.


If the headset is replaced during the call, that does not change it, still no voice. One user told to me, if start using laptop's own microphone, then it is working.


And there are more than one user, so I doubt human mistake possibility. :smile:

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@Petri X Is it a Teams certified headset, fully up to date firmware ?

Can you share the make/model of headset?
Also, can you try dissabling Noiseblock (if the headset has noiseblock) and Noise suppression (in the settings / devices section of Teams)?
It shouldn't be the cause, but i've seen some weird stuff happen with NB active.
If disabling it helps, then we can look further for a fix.

Hi @Steven Collier 

Yes, the headsets are certified for Teams, and driver/firmwares were upgraded.

Currently user's workstation gets re-installed, so let see how that impacts. But of course that sounds a bit hard solution.

Hi @VincentDal 

Actually they tested the noise suppression on Teams client, and that was helpful at least once. Need to collect more details.