Has the DesignatedPresenterRoleMode default changed in the Global Teams Policy?


Hi All,


Last year I changed the default value for DesignatedPresenterRoleMode to OrganizerOnlyUserOverride for our University. This meant that the Organizer of the Meeting was the only presenter, but that the Organizer could set that value to 'Everyone', 'Specific People', or 'People in my Organization and Guests' before or during a meeting using 'Meeting options'. The Organizer (the Instructor) could also change an Attendee to a Presenter to allow sharing of the Attendee's content.


I happened to create a meeting today that I wanted everyone in the meeting to have a presenter role. I went to 'Meeting options' and to my surprise the default was now EveryoneUserOverride. I verified this via PowerShell (Get-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy | Format-Table Identity, DesignatedPresenterRoleMode).


I was training a new Instructor last month, and the class she created still defaulted to the roles I set up last year - Organizer/Presenter and Attendee. So my question is, when and why did this happen?


Thanks for your input.


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Hello, my first thought reading your post is that you and the instructor are assigned different Teams meeting policies consequently not having the same settings when it comes to the -DesignatedPresenterRoleMode. So start by verifying which policy you have and which policy the instructor have assigned.
Thanks for the input, Steven. I will check for policy changes!
Hi Christian
I ran a PS script that showed all my policies and the DesignatedPresenterRoleMode in a list. The Global policy is assigned to all users in my tenet. We have a couple of custom policies. They are typically assigned to a specific group. I am an Admin and my policy assignments haven't changed(Global), but the default DesignatedPresenterRoleMode has changed.

I think MS must have pushed an update that caused the reset of the default policies.
Thank you for your insights.