Hangout instead of Scheduled meeting

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We use Teams at work for remote working. I would like to have the ability for team members to drop in and out of a Teams meeting at any time of day without having to call everyone in that chat. (ie. equivalent to wandering around the office and walking into the room just to see who's there and ask a quick question)


The closest equivalent to this I can see is to start a call in the morning and invite ~20 members to it and then leave the call running permanently all day. However, this means everyone is called to join in the morning (even when many of them have not started work yet!) and if everyone leaves the call then it drops and the next time someone joins *everyone* is called again to join.  Ideally anyone should be able to start/join the call at any time without forcing everyone else to be asked to join


Is there any way to setup something like this in Teams? It's more of a hangout rather than a scheduled meeting (ie. somewhere to talk to people without specifically having to arrange it).


If this *is* possible, is there a way to ensure the status for anyone joining the call is not changed to "Busy" while they are in that hangout? They should still be "available" to anyone else.



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Hi @BrianTrust - here are a couple of good options for ad-hoc meetings that don't block individuals calendars:



Schedule a meeting and set everyone as optional