Hands Up in iOS Teams Meetings

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Can anyone shed any light on Hands Up on iOS devices. Last week it appeared on my iPad and I flagged it to the children (should have said... Teacher at a primary school... online at present). Around 5 had the option. I suggested that they all check for an update...

Since then... about another 3 have got the option... 4 have lost the option including me... around 5 now have the give praise option but no hands up... one has the option in some channels, but not in others...

Can anyone help?? How can we get it for most, if not all, and all the time?

Thanks in advance

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@EnnwjayAs some of these features recently rolling out like 3x3, Hand raise, and popout chat it is something common some students or users may get early others will not make sure you all give a try to the followings;


  • Update to the latest version of Teams
  • Sign-out, close the application or on PC exited and Sign in again

by the end of this month everyone should have these features.

Thanks @PDostiyar, most of that makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is that it was on my iPad, now not, and that one child has it in some channels, but not in others! That is weird...

@Ennwjay  correct as they are still being roll-out sometime it does happen things go and it will come back just have patience.

Thanks again - will keep an eye on it then.
I also have the same problem. Please help

@Ennwjay  this is the problem I’m having Currently. My son needs the hand to participate in class. There’s no logic or consistency as to whether it’s there or not. Sometimes it’s not there at all. Sometimes it’s there for five minutes then disappears for good.occasionally it works perfectly just long enough for me to think the problem is resolved. Haven’t found anything that explains it. Did you ever figure it out? I’ve deleted and redownloaded app, made sure it’s up to date etc