Hallo Teams, Goodbye Skype?


Interesting development today... https://www.petri.com/goodbye-skype-business-hello-teams  What will we hear about at Ignite?

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Looks like this has been confirmed through the Message Center. Here we go!
this brings up SO many questions. Looking forward to ignite.
Clearly Microsoft has been wrongfooted by an early leak. Now, a clear positioning announcement is needed - well before Ignite. A Q&A will be a good start. Let's hope poor communications doesn't prevail here.

Thanks John for the MC heads up!  This is surely not that way MS would have planned to do it, with the self-inflicted leak! 


While I am somewhat surprised by the whole thing, I think this is ultimately a good thing, some consolation was in order with the feature overlap and which tool was best etc, this should ultimately help if done right. It's sure going to be interesting.

Major screwup by MS.

It would be nice if the link to "additional information" in the Message Center actually brought you to a page where some information was available...

Yes, the bad "additional info" link is just one of several problems with that message center notice. Is this SfB Online only? How do we opt-in? What "action" is required to be done today a year from now? (post-dating for exactly one year caused confusion with at least one user!)

Looks like a long lead in for this transition as action seems to be required by September 7, 2018, which might be the last date that a tenant can switchover.


The action is by September 7, 2018, a year from now.


Everything about this situation indicates a product team scrambling to react to the leak caused by a graphic slipping out into the wild earlier today. It's yet another indication of how difficult it is to control all the moving parts within Office 365.

I think I would have chosen the Office 365 Roadmap or the Office Blog over the Message Center as a platform to announce this though. Sure they were tripped up by themselves but might have recovered with more dignity.

It's disappeared from the Message center now, like we didn't notice but hopefully, better comms are being put together right now.  

The story gets better and better...

Absolutely, let's pretend that didn't happen :)

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@John Wynne wrote:
Absolutely, let's pretend that didn't happen :)

I wonder what can we realistically expect before Ignite? Now the cats out of the bag, I think a lot of detail has to be forthcoming, there will be a lot of frustrated customers out there otherwise that need to know what's going on.  Wait for Ignite isn't going to cut it now I think?

Haha thanks John. PR doesn't like Suphatra these days -- they nearly chopped my head off for my UserVoice updates about Guest Access. Don't worry, I'm still advocating for you guys -- I put in some new updates today! And by the way, I don't manage this forum -- my colleague Laurie Pottmeyer does. So if you don't hear from me here, that's why.

Now that the cat is well and truly out of the proverbial bag, maybe Microsoft could get ahead of the game and provide a briefing on what the path forward is for Skype for Business and how Teams plays in the transition.. There are many ideas as to what might happen, but it would be nice to have some definitive guidance...

Another case of a major code change making it all the way to customer prod tenants by mistake? This is an alarming trend.