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Hello, I'm a student. I was in the middle of online class and someone started swearing on the Ms teams chat. It had turned out there account had been hacked. It happend to many others. Then they unmuted an A small child(probobaly a voice changer) started speaking. He/she said hello then muted and left the call. After this a bunch of people got removed from the meating but the host didnt do it. Thank you!
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you've posted in Cortana community.

you need to contact your administrator or school/university and let them know about the issue.


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i got in my friends account and it was funny:lol:


I am very sad to see what you are experiencing:cry:.
Hacking sometimes does harm other people. I can't help you much, because I only know about Cara Hack IG.
But I've heard stories from my friend's experience that it can be overcome in many ways.
One of them uses the Forgot Password method. Or maybe answer the Security Question as well. Also Two Factor Authentication.