Guests sometimes cannot access files

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Hi. I have added a large group of guests to a Teams Group recently. To gain access they had to set up a Guest Account within our organization and now they have to switch accounts to see the Teams Group. However, sometimes they switch groups and the files are there and accessible, and other times they switch and they cannot see any files. Logging in and out sometimes fixes it, sometimes not. Removing them as a guest sometimes fixes it and sometimes not.

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Hi Andy. I believe the whole access to Teams in other organisations as a guest will be much improved once Shared channels (aka Teams Connect) are rolled out, hopefully later this month (November 2021). This will eliminate the need to log in and out of different tenants to access teams that you are a guest in an external organisation . Instead, all teams from all organisations will be listed in your teams list showing channels that have specifically been set up to share content with external members.