Guests in channel are always invited

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Hi guys,

I've got weird problem with guest users in our Teams. Lets say I have Team with 20 internal members and 5 external guests. When I use Schedule a meeting feature in channel and invite only internal members, all of external guests still receive invite to their mailbox. Even if I tried to schedule a meeting with no invites at all, guests receives invite to a meeting (internal users dont).

Have you ever encountered something like that? What should I do with it?

Thanks a lot for suggestions.



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Hello, yes. That is actually the expected behavior for guests when using channel meetings. They are notified by default. Consider using a standard meeting if that's an issue.


By the way, as guest users are always added as Subscribers you could try and remove the Remove-UnifiedGroupLinks (ExchangePowerShell) | Microsoft Docs using the Links and LinkType parameter.

Hi Christian, thank you for clarification. Have a nice day!