Guests enter team for meeting but seem to have different access to channels and chat

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My issue was that I created a team for an online workshop with a client team outside my org, adding them all as guests beforehand. During the meeting it was clear that they had different access. Some had their name visible followed by ‘(guest)‘ and some had their name visible followed by ‘(their organisation name) ‘. This seemed to cause problems when I tried to open up the breakout channels for smaller group conversations to divide them up. I started the meeting in the first breakout room and invited to join 4 people, but only one received the invitation and joined the room. I’m pretty sure they were marked as ‘guest’. others appeared as unavailable or their name didn’t show up when I tried to type the name in to invite them to that channel. I had to abandon the idea of smaller breakout rooms as I didn’t know what to do, and have a whole group discussion which wasn’t ideal. Also most of them couldn’t use chat. I have a similar workshop with same team next week and I want to solve this but can’t seem to find any solution.

To be clear, and in case I made any mistakes, these are the steps I took:

-Created new private team and added each team member using email address.
- (on my and my orgs settings all guests have access to chat)
- set a meeting time in calendar
- joined the meeting via the calendar link
- some participants clicked link and waited in lobby to be admitted
- I wanted to remind the others about meeting so invited others to join (so potentially this two different ways of joining was the issue)
- During meeting I clicked on the ... next to each name to change role (I think this was to ‘make attendee’). I did this due to someone saying in another teams meeting this had helped them all see the chat.

I imagine this has been covered before in the forum but I couldn’t find, so if there’s a similar conversation you know of please direct me to it. Or if not but you know the answer, support much appreciated. Thanks!
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Some users seems to have joined the meeting from their orgs tenants, hence making them external attendees instead of guests. This will affect chat if they were invited to a channel meeting!

Although, there has been issues with chat in meeting lately also