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Hello guys, 


Im testing the Microsoft Teams (office 365 Buisness Premium)  product. I try to invite some guest's users to join a team I've created ( public) but when I type the adresse like it say only "user not found" and can't add "As Guest" 


I have enabled guest in Teams Portal, guest share in Office 365...  it dosen't change anything... 


When I go in the settings of office 365 -> Settings -> Services and Add-ins -> Microsoft Teams -> 

Settings by user/license type there is only : Buissness & entreprise (and not Guest like few videos or forum post) 

Anyone have the same problem ? 

Best regards


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Hi @aurelius25

Would recommend going through this whole guest checklist

Also would recommend this string here

Hope that helps to answer your question. Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris
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Hi , @Christopher Hoard 


thank you for your reply


So I tested to enable via PS the guest access teams :


but there is no change I only see Buisness / Entreprise on the user/license type



That article is a bit old. The settings for Guests are in the Teams Admin Centre (TAC) under Org Wide Settings. AFAIK it's no longer under services and add-ins.

What is the actual experience when you try and add an address like to an actual Team in the desktop client. Can you send a screenshot?

Best, Chris
Also keep in mind that enabling guest in groups, is done under services and add-ins - groups
Yeah, under services and add-ins > Office 365 Groups.

That is covered under the checklist outlined earlier to ensure these are set to on.

Best, Chris
Also , :) after you enable guest access, it can take up to 24 hours to provision
That would be for @aurelius25 to confirm.

Again, that is in the original post above

Step 3 ;D

Best, Chris

@adam deltinger 


Hey Guys, 


It's good now, maybe after I push the config with Powershell, I wait like 1h. logoff / login in the teams app, and now I can add Guest adress ! 


but He ask to create a microsoft login for every guest, at least it's not a problem... 


so problem solved :) 

thank you for your reply guys and enjoy your day !