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Dear community I have an interesting question/case I would like to ask you for some adivce. 


A client I has two profiles with the same email, one is a MS365 Work account and the other is a Microsoft ID. Don't ask why. 

She got an invitation as a guest from an external entity and by mistake choose the Personal (Microsoft ID) instead of the Work/School account.


What I'm trying to figure out is how to remove this so that a new invite from the same entity can be issued and is treated as completely new invitation. We have removed the guest user on the organisation side in Admin Centre and from Teams and issued a new invite with the same result, the system only gives me the Personal Account option. It seems the information is cached or stored somewhere. I can't leave the organisation via because she didn't use the Work/School account and the other suggestion if you're using a personal account, go to doesn't work, I'm getting a this is only for work account message when going down that path.


Any suggestions? 

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Okay, this is what you will have to do.

The problem the user is facing is because of the cached profile in the office 365 and Azure aad environment. So you will need to clean the profile from the environment and send a new invite.

1. Go to your aad environment using this link if you are a global admin
2. Search for the user account and confirm the account used is the live account.
3. Delete that account
4. Send a fresh invite from the same aad environment to the organizational account ID
5. Ask the user to accept the invite in an incognito browser to avoid cache on the users browser
6, Once the invite has been accepted the user will see my apps on his/her dashboard and you can verify the user's profile from the aad portal as well.
7. After doing the above steps, then proceed to share whatever content you previously shared with the user.

Please note, if the content shared with the user has to do with SharePoint files/sites, then you will also have to remove the user's profile from the site collection and also the user profile in the admin center.

this article will be helpful

Kindly reply to this if more help is needed
hi regalchidi, I really appreciate your support.
I assume this has to be done by the organisation that invited the customer and not on the customer tenant? I asked the external organisation to delete the guest account in Admin Centre without success, that's why I was thinking it had to do with the client PC and not the Organisation.
Yeah , this has to be done by the organisation that invited the user and not on the affected user's environment.

You can share the info with the organisation that's shared the resources
Hi regalchidi, I just wanted to let you know that I'm super thankful for your insights - the approach worked as expected. THANK you so much
My pleasure to be of help