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One of my clients is looking into run more Virtual events using Team Live events with a couple of guest presenters, out-with their organisation. 


My understanding is that if that presenter doesn't already have a teams licence (using Teams Free)  they are not able to join the event as a presenter. 


If a users is on Microsoft 365 Business Basic will they have enough permission to be a presenter? As we we thinking of getting a couple of guest laptops that we can send out to the guests in advance of the event as their way to join the event without them needing to subscribe for an account themselves for what will generally be a one of need? 



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@kev-event-tech Hello Kevin, I believe this page will shed some light at your questions.


'Who can attend, create, and schedule live events'

@ChristianBergstrom that's it very useful although I do wonder if some of the informations is slightly out of date since the change to Microsoft 365. in that article is states 



At this time there aren't any Microsoft 365 Small Business plans that can be used to create and hold Teams live events."


However on the plan and pricing comparison for Microsoft Teams 

under the meetings and calling section there it says that "Host online and video conferencing meetings for up to 250 people5 and online events for up to 10,000" is available on the Business Basic licence. 


this is what makes me believe it will allow a presenter to join a live event.


However a colleague spoke to support and sales and was told different and that it would only work with an enterprise licence  

@kev-event-tech Totally understand the confusion. I would say trust the MS docs and not the "sales pages". I just received the same info as your colleague (I had to check it myself as well!).

Hello @kev-event-tech   Microsoft just released its virtual events playbook; you and your client might find it useful.

@kev-event-tech Hi hope you are well. We at USW are wanting to use Live Events as our conference platform. We having great problems with engaging guest speakers with the complexity of having to create accounts and licensing restriction. Most who are trying are typically saying "This is easy with Zoom" I would like to connect with a Live events Guru to ensure we are not missing something here. I have exhausted the microsoft literature and that has just muddied the water even more. It is not a simple process for busy high level speakers or those with rudentry digital literacy skills. Any connections or introductions to anyone who could assist us with this very much appreciated.

@NeilUSW yeah it's a total nightmare. we have a number o account that we now give out to guests that have a business basic licence if they don't have their own paid for accounts. we have also invested in some kit to roll out Vmix to operate the events and setting up the presenters in a normal meeting and use NDI for the video mixing which allows the presenters to join from any device and without a teams account. 


this will make their experience a lot better and more "Zoom" like by just clicking on a link. 

@kev-event-tech @NeilUSW  This post in the Virtual Events forum might be of assistance to you: Unable to Add Presenters to a live Event - Microsoft Tech Community