Guest permission to a single channel?

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Hello :)


I have a team with channel X already made (standard, non private channel).


I have 2 guests I want to add to my team 


Is there a way to make them only see the files in this one channel X?


Could I open the channel via the sharepoint site and give them access there? It is OK if they just use sharepoint teams site to access the files and forget about the Teams group?


The only other way I saw is to create a new private channel, but for this don't I need to add the two members to the full team and then add them to the private channel? 


I don't want the 2 guests to see all the other files.


Thank you :)

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As you say there is no way to add them to a private channel and don’t see the channels that aren’t private.
You can invite them to the Sharepointsite outside of the Office 365 group and have them access files, or you have to rebuild, create a new team where all channels are private (with the content that shouldn’t be accessible. Except from the private channel they should be member of

@adam deltinger 


Hi Adam.


How would I add guests in and make it so they can';t have access to all files in a Teams site?


I tried clicking add member on the Teams Outlook group and adding the guest in.


But the guest could still see and access all files in the Teams. Is there a better way to make it so they need to at a bare minimum request access to view files, assuming they have to see them? (no quick way around this)


I just want them to say request acces/ give them access to some files in one Teams channel but not have access to open everything else

Yeah you can’t add them to the group cause then they will be guest users and can access all workloads including Teams!
You need to share the site or files/folders to them as an external user..see here:

You can invite external users only to the SharePoint Side of the Team and take advantage of SharePoint security model...but remember, changing the way how Teams files are accessed by users can end breaking how the Team works

Hi Adam and Juan


@adam deltinger  @Juan Carlos González Martín 


Thank you for replies :)

Do you know what the differences are between:

  1. sharing via right click folder and clicking share 
  2. Clicking manage access on folder and then adding guest via direct access?

Please see pics' below. I am unsure if theres any difference or if both do the same thing/pros cons


Pic 1)


Pic 2)

pic 2pic 2


My understanding is that the "Direct Access" function is analogous to adding the user to the file\folder ACL table, such that you can manage granular permissions and the user can access that file\folder no matter how they get there. Conversely, the "Links Giving Access" effectively ties the permissions with the token that is embedded in the link - the user doesn't have access to the file \ folder unless they get to it through the specific link assigned to them.


I also wanted to direct anybody that encounters this thread to go vote on the UserVoice ticket for allowing guest access to individual channels.