Guest organisation not disappearing / pending invitation problems

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We are experiencing some weird behaviour with guest organisations in Teams.
I have managed to recreate the problem between two environments that I have access to.

I have two tenants A and B.
I sent an invite through teams from tenant A to tenant B.
The user in tenant B did not accept the invitation and I sent the user (tenant B) a link to[tenant A]

The user (tenant B) opened the link, consented got redirected to the myapps page in tenant A.
The user in Tenant B is now an active guest user in tenant A.
The user in B can also see that the organisation on

After sending a new invite to the team in teams the user is able to collaborate in the team.

The user in B decides to leave the organisation (tenant A) on and then the user is hard-deleted (manually) from tenant A.

This is where the problems start:

In Teams the user (tenant B) still has the tenant A as a guest organisation in Teams.
When trying to open the guest organisation either through the web interface or the client the user receives the following error:
"AADB2B_0027 : Your invitation was revoked. Please ask your inviter to invite you again."
Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 12.41.05.png

Anyone got any clue on how to resolve this?

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@THK Hello, how long do you wait after doing hard delete? I know that it can be a mess sometimes if you don't wait the 24 hours before sending an invite again and so on. So you're sending the invitation from AAD and not Teams, correct? It could just be a case of cache / synchronization which can be quickened sometimes by signing out manually from Teams. At least this is what comes to mind.

The problem is fixed now. Didn't do anything on my side so it is probably something to do with replication / cache or something like that.