Guest login not possible, asks for a password

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I would like to have help with an issue that I have with guest login on Microsoft Teams. Since two days its not possible anymore to access this guest account, without asking me for a login. I never had a login, and it keeps asking me to fill in my Microsoft login, which I then fill in and then says that I filled in the wrong password. Which I know is not the case, because my password works with my own environment on teams and with the rest of the office products. 


I already emptied cache through my Finder, as I read that that could be the issue. This doesn't help me. I have the idea that it has something to do with my private Gmail account and my work email that is linked. But I don't know if this is really the case and what I need to do solve this matter. 


Hope you guys can help. 


Thanks in advance. 







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Hi, have you checked with your IT Team that your Guest Access has not changed or been revoked for some reason?