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I am struggling to reduce the number of guest in my org and also the actions that they could do in the tenant. Whar I have found in my way is the following:


If I uncheck the following options:



it does the bahaviour needed, the guests cannot access to teams files, unless i gave them explicit access to them:teams1.png

but the problem is this configuration applies to all the tenant and teams, and by definition this implies a lot of problems.


Anyone knows how to bypass the configuration of the checkbox only to some specific teams?

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Hello, guest access in Teams is configured at several levels. See this page for the available settings/options

@ChristianBergstrom Thanks, but I already know that link and the options shown, does not help in my case

I want to prevent guest of accessing content on teams, like the option uncheked, but not to include all teams of the tenant in the scope.


This is the main reason of my post... I have documented as well other cases with the options in the post you mentioned, but does not fulfill all our requirements.

I’m afraid I don’t understand as you can configure the underlying SharePoint permissions for just one team.

@ChristianBergstrom what i'm configuring is the option at tenant level, i am not entering at SharePoint Permisssion level

You are configuring at M365 group level. Perhaps another member understand what you want to achieve and will reply.
There are two options to achieve what you want:
(1) Configure guest access per Group by means of PowerShell:
(2) Take advantage of the integration of sensitivity labels in SPO Sites and Teams to regulate what can be done on a SPO Site / Team

@Juan Carlos González Martín Thanks, I am controlling which groups have guest access, but what i want is them to participate in chat, but not to have access to files in channels. With the checkbox option I can control that, but not al all tenant level.


Labels with SPO and Teams, does not simply work, I have a support case opened for that...

I am glad someone understood. And now it’s clear for me as well ☺️