Guest/Contact Search via Teams Search and Phone Dialler Search

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My understanding was that B2B Guest accounts (hidden from GAL) and GAL contacts (MailContact) do not display in teams search, be that the search at the top, or the search in the dialler, however for us, Gal hidden B2B Guest accounts are showing in the phone dialler search (not in any team workspace, only in AAD as Guests).

I'm looking to get this search behaviour explained, I'd like to understand the difference between the people search in the dialler search compared to the teams search at the top of the client?

Ideally I do not want GAL hidden B2B Guests displayed in any search ... will enabling the Teams setting "Search by name > Scope directory search using an exchange address book policy" hide B2B Guests from the Phone Dialler Search (i.e. limit the search to the GAL), or might the behaviour be outside the scope of that setting?

For MailContacts/GAL Contacts, am I correct in saying they should not display in search (unless I type the full email address)?

I'm also trying to understand the relationship between the contacts in the Phone area, and Outlook contacts ... are they sync'd by default and is there any control available on that?



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