Guest cannot open a Yammer App Tab



My customer is facing the following issue: when a guest (Email address removed) opens a team via the webbrowser or the Teams App and clicks a Yammer App Tab the guest is displayed an error stating something went wrong.


The guest has access to the Microsoft Teams Team

The guest has access to the specific Yammer community.


The guest can access the Yammer community via

The guest can acces the Team (via browser or app).


Domain users (e.g. Email address removed) can succesfully click on the Yammer tab in the team so that the Yammer Community is visible in Teams.


Any help is greatly appreciated.




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Ey Sander,
Have you tried to do some debugging when the guest user is trying to access the Tab. By the way, it seems this could be a limitation on the Communities Tab App
Hi Juan Carlos,

Thanks for the reply. No I haven't done any debugging (yet). I'll try to recreate it on a demo tenant - see what happens. Thnx