Guest account cannot look up users for chat

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We have a single guest user who's unable to pull up any users in our environment when creating a new chat message.  It's acting the same between the (new) Teams and the web.  I was going to suggest clearing the Teams cache but that wouldn't affect the web.  Other guest accounts from the same organization don't have the issue.  I'm at a loss as to how the lookup mechanism functions.

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I can confirm we are also experiencing the exact same behaviour as Steve.


Guest accounts invited into Teams are unable to search for users I. Our org to start conversations. 


We are not using the Exchange connected option so as far as I can tell from documentation, this should mean the address book is 'open' to the guests.


I have found an article that mentions guests can't enumerate users in Entra so is that potentially blocking it?


EDIT: I should have noted that we have Guests set to 'most inclusive' in Entra. 

We're having the same issue as you described. They can't pull up any users in our environment, but if they have chatted with them before then they can search for them and find them. Other guests don't have this issue.

@LucidBike1140 Troubleshooting guest access can be tricky though, as integrations span Office 365, Azure AD, and internal directories. I'd recommend opening a support case with Microsoft, provide details on the impacted guest account, and have them dig into backend logs. Likely some correlation ID or user ID mapping got corrupted. Support can best pinpoint and resolve.


In the meantime, as a workaround, can you create a group with relevant users and add this guest to message more easily? Not ideal but lets them collaborate while we address the search issue.

We are now experiencing the same issue, have you ever managed to find a solution for this?