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Hi All


Hope everyone is well. Please can someone possibly assist me. A team owner in my 365 tenant has invited a guest user from a completely separate 365 tenant as a member of a team. The guest user from the other 365 tenant however does not see the team when they sign into teams.


In AAD I can see the guest user has accepted the invite.


Any ideas?


Does it have something to do with the work or personal account thing?

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If the invite was sent from teams and you can see the guest there and also the guest successfully accepted the invite, the problem is probably that the guest haven’t switched over to your tenant!
Your team won’t be visible among the guests own tenant teams! There should be a little arrow up in the right corner where he/she now can switch over to you tenant and see the team!

The guest can also try to go to and login! It will then ask which tenant to go to


@adam deltinger 


Thanks Adam.


"Your team won’t be visible among the guests own tenant teams!" - This makes sense.


I don't see any arrow thou in her teams client. Do you perhaps have a screenshot?

@Navishkar Sadheo - Does she not see something like this in her client (desktop or web)? 




NOTE: I blurred my Work Tenant. :)

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Thanks Edward. She doesn't have that option...

Make her log out fully and log in!

What about the web client?
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She most likley accepted the invite via e-mail and had a personal account logged into cache in the background, this happens often. I would recommend if you can delete the guest account from the Team. Then delete the account from AAD and redo the process. Have Her accept via Incognito (Right click invite link, copy link) paste into URL bar and accept with the work account. Should fix her up. But this usually does happen often when people have a Microsoft Personal Account with same login as their work account, but it could be any Microsoft Account that is cached in browser. Anyway, give that a whirl.

@Chris Webb 


Thanks Chris. Removed the user from the Team and also deleted her from my AAD. I noticed thou next to her account the source was listed as "External Azure Active Directory"

Means it was accepted by an o365 account. Something might have just gone wrong, hopefully reinvite works properly. That will say Microsoft account or something similar when accepted by a Microsoft Account.
Thanks Chris. Been doing some testing with test accounts and tenants and was able to switch teams etc.