Guest Access in Teams

Bill Duenskie
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I understand that you can enable guest access in Teams by enabling the feature at the tenant level.


My question is, is there a way to enable guest access on one Team, but not another?


For example, I have two Teams (Team A and Team B).  For Team A I want the ability to add guest users.  For Team B I DO NOT want the ability to add guest users.


Is this possible?  It does not seem to be since it is a tenant level setting.


Any information would be most appreciated.

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That is not possible. It is either all or none.

Regards, Magnus


Not true :). You can via powershell. Check out this documentation in Manage tab, 3rd section , Allow or Block Guest users from a specific group.

Now if you do this method, you'll have to enable Teams access, then script a blanket allow or not allow for all the groups, then come back and allow / not allow the specific groups you want to allow guest access for, then any new groups going forward if it's opposite defaults you'll have to make sure these get updated.

Sometimes i become glad when i am wrong. Thank you for the tip @Deleted ;)

Fast as stuff changes it's bound to happen, I get corrected from time to time as well :).
"From time to time"...what a modest folk ;)
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