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Finding it difficult to get a solid answer on this one. I have a guest user in a team. They are unable to see one of the apps. In this case it's an app from Microsoft ("Ideas"). 

Should guests be able to see and use all of the same apps that everyone else can in a team? There are no guest user Apps settings that I can see to control this. Whether the app is a custom or not. 

The app just doesn't appear in the team from the guests point of view and I have no idea why! 



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@Spudgun  from my experience over the past 18 months - Microsoft just won't let guests in Teams have the same experience. I tried setting up a poll in Microsoft Forms and even that isn't visible. Teams seems to make working with Guests in a meaningful way virtually impossible. I did read something that said guest access was going to be changing but it is really unclear if this is true and if so what it means in reality. 

Glad it's not just me then!
I've read this. It doesn't really.
"Guests can use an app if the app was installed by a native user." Native as in, someone in my tenant I assume? Well in this case it was me, and I'm a Teams admin. So should they be able to use it? Because they can't. At this point I'm just trying to ascertain as to whether they should or not. I can raise this with support if they should.

@Spudgun sorry - I am not the best person to help. I'm not sure what guests are supposed to be able to do or not :sad: - hopefully someone more knowledgeable will. 

@Spudgun Yes, native as in your org. I had to test and reproduce. So I installed the 'Employee ideas' (add a tab) in one team channel and went there with a guest user. No problem. So probably you've got a permissions issue or something else is going on. That support ticket sounds rather good if you can't figure it out.

Interesting. Nice one, really appreciate that, thanks! Curious though, is the guest account you're using licenced? if so what do they have?

No, nothing special about that guest user. Simply added as one.


Not sure what you meant, but the guest user is fully licensed in it's home org.