Groups<>Teams Merge?

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We have someone who has created an Office 365 Group then subsequently created a Microsoft Teams, both using the same display name.  I know if they had chosen "Connect this new Team to an existing Group" option upon creation, that would have been ideal.  Now that both objects exist separately, is there a way for me as an administrator to merge them together?

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Nope, we dont have any controls for such scenarios. Deleting the Team and enabling the Group is your only option. 


I bet your user feels "empowered" now though :)

Absolutely agree with Vasil!
Is enabling the Group to have the Teams functionality only to be done by the end user from the hyperlink at the bottom of the dialog box suggesting that they add to an existing group?

Well, end users that are Owners of Groups.


@Vasil MichevCan you merge 2 groups together then?  When you create a team without assigning a group, it creates a group with the same name...