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Can you create a group chat by using smaller group chats? For instances... I want to Create a group chat that is  ENTIRE FLOOR, I want it to consist of the 5 smaller group chat's that are on the floor, team 1, team 2, team 3, team 4 and team 5. I already created those groups, now I want to create the ENTIRE FLOOR group chat with the 5 smaller groups. Can I do this?

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Hi @Jeff7777,

AFAIK, you can’t create group chats from other groups, have nested group chats nor can you currently create group chats from contact groups - although a uservoice is open for this here

I see the logic in this in terms of creating a group chat from groups as opposed to individual people. I would recommend raising this as a uservoice in itself I would vote for it.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thank you,  Hope you don't mind a question.   If I have a group chat made, can someone not in the group chat send a message to that group? i.e. I want my workgroup in a group chat, I do not want my boss in the group chat but would like for her to be able to send a group chat once in a while. 



No, you have to be add the person to the group chat in order to post to it


@adam deltinger Now I miss Skype again....

For sure guys this is a work in progress. I think many agree this element could be made better in terms of the UX!

Thanks @adam deltinger for responding as I was out!

Best, Chris
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