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I have enabled my messaging policy to allow owner deletes.  I have also enabled owner deletes on the site.  I was able to delete several messages in the General channel except for the last two.


On those when I click the ellipses the delete option is there but greyed out.  I added a test message afterwards and it too has the word delete greyed out.


Any ideas what I need to do to delete these messages?



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Hi RickB710,

You may try resetting your Microsoft Teams app if it helps:
Exit Microsoft Teams app (Check out if it appears in the Windows toolbar and closes it).
Copy and paste the following path in File Explorer: %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams
Delete all contents in that folder (You may make a backup somewhere if you desire)

Restart Microsoft Teams.
Sign in and try again


@Mr_Trust_A I tried your suggestion and the problem persists.  I went to another of my sites and posted a current test message and I could not delete it.

@RickB710 Hi, can't say why this is happening but Teams supports retention policies for chat and channel messages so that as an admin, you can decide proactively whether to retain this data, delete it, or retain it for a specific period of time and then delete it. You can apply a Teams retention policy to your entire organization or to specific users and teams.


Retention policies in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

The retention policies are at their default. Having a hard time understanding how a retention policy would act differently on different messages within the same channel within the same team.

My bad, was thinking about chats (targeting users individually). What differentiates those two channel messages you cannot delete from the other messages?

How about opening a support ticket with Microsoft?


Btw, why don't you delete the teams channel messages with a retention policy? Not working either?

Create and configure retention policies to automatically retain or delete content - Microsoft 365 Co...

Before I logged a Microsoft support ticket, I tried one more thing. I had another owner of the site delete my comments and they were able to. Probably will never know why I couldn't delete my own comments but consider this one closed with a work around.