Graphical issues on all teams windows.

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Microsoft Teams shows graphic issues displaying the app windows,  all issues temporaly dissappear (few secs) by clicking on the windows or moving the mouse over the window, my hardware is a laptop:  GP62M 7rd Leopard with intel HD 630 and nvidia (msi) 1050 graphics card.


This issue has happened allways even on first time i used teams.


All graphic drivers are up to date.


This runs over WINDOWS 10 os with febrary 2021 update.


Teams version is: (64 bits)


This issue happens to few apps (slack, one note, tutanota desktop client).


Screenshot are provided below, please help, this issue surpass my trubleshooting abilities.


I tried uninstalling and reinstall Teams with no solution, searching on google or forums provided no proper results, that's why I'm here.


Hi hope this helps more people with same problem.



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Screenshot 2021-05-13 101831.jpg

I have a similar issue. I have checked for updates. It is not a catastrophic failure if the app, but it is annoying.