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Is this cmdlet broken?

I am trying to assign a Teams App Permission policy using powershell using this cmdlet: Grant-CsTeamsAppPermissionPolicy but I'm getting an error.

Grant-CsTeamsAppPermissionPolicy (SkypeForBusiness) | Microsoft Learn

Grant-CsTeamsAppPermissionPolicy email address removed for privacy reasons -PolicyName "NewPolicy" -Rank 0
Error: Grant-CsTeamsAppPermissionPolicy : Provided group does not exist Please check your request parameters. CorrelationId: e86b6d2b-1902-40c4-8b47-a455ea30b878
At line:1 char:1

When using a group:
Grant-CsTeamsAppPermissionPolicy -Group "460ce511-775d-4707-bfd5-5f228fd69596" -PolicyName "NewPolicy" -Rank 0
Error: Grant-CsTeamsAppPermissionPolicy : Type TeamsAppPermissionPolicy is not currently enabled in flighting Please refer to documentation. CorrelationId: aae17079-9d85-4d41-a1f3-80fffcb628c9

Your insights are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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@bryyyyyy How much time is between this?