Global Auto-Recording Feature

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There is currently no way to configure a policy to set auto record for every meeting. For now, if I want an  automatic recording to happen, I have to select meeting options within the meeting and set the checkbox. 


My organization would like to set ALL meetings held within Teams internal and external to record. 


I understand this is a feature request that is not currently an option, so I was encouraged to address this with the community. 


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@JackieJDief Please vote for this feature at the link below, and ideally add a comment to explain the business benefit that this would bring.


Enable Automatic Recording · Community (


Teams recordings today are not a compliance feature, they exist to allow people to catch up on meetings they missed. There are third party solutions that can interface with Teams and provide compliance recording of every call/meeting, find the list at Introduction to Teams Policy-based Recording for Calling & Meetings - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Do...


I think the expectation is that companies that have this requirement would already have a preferred solution for their existing phone system, so Microsoft are enabling those solution to do the compliance recording in Teams. If your organisation hasn't used these services before they are pretty straightforward to set up, I've used Verint and Dubber before which are easy to get going.