Giphy disappeared from a user conversations

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One of our user suddendly lost the GIF option in Teams chat.
I checked and the policy submitted to her profile is the same as everyone else and allows Giphy :


It's not related to her app because she has the same issue on the browser version.
In addition I tried to connect her profile on my computer , same problem (and I do have Gifs with my own account).

So it's definitly related to her profile but I have no clue.

She is also in the same teams as other colleagues who experienced no issue.

I tried few verifications with powershell module MicrosoftTeams but I don't have much experience with it and did not notice anything strange.

Thanks for your help :o

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Hi @Jules_Ktoi,

In her settings (...) at the top of the Teams client > Privacy > Scroll down to Optional Connected Experiences - is this turned on? If it is turned off it will turn Giphy off and she will not be able to use Gif's

Let me know how it goes

Best, Chris
Hi @Christoper Hoard ,

You're indeed the MVP because it was the exact reason of our troubles
I turned it on and Gifs were back immediatly.

Thanks a lot for your help , I'm a bit sheepish to realize it was so simple.

have a very nice day !

Hi, @Christopher Hoard 

I am having the same issue now - but in my Privacy settings the switch you mentioned is not available. Switching to English doesn't help either here.


I also cleared my Teams chache without success.

My colleagues have it, so I assume it's not an issue with a company policy.


Any further hints where to look at?


Hi there, you can try and sign out manually from Teams (top right corner) and back in. If it still doesn't show you could also "check for updates" from the same location. Most features are released backend though but it doesn't hurt doing that. And as your colleagues has the setting it shouldn't take long before you have it.

I'm adding a link to a blog post that raises this particular question


Adding this on the topic as it can be controlled by policy 

Teams Optional Connected Experiences - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Hi Christian, I actually used to have Giphy and now it's gone. My version of Teams is which seems to be the latest.

And the colleagues who have Giphy also have this Version.

The main issue seems to be that the mentioned Switch in the Privacy Tab is not available for me.

Tried to re-sign in as suggested. Didn't help.
Just sit tight and while you do that you can read the above links :)
you are a life saver. thank you

@Farrukh_jalil thanks


@Siggi2021 also check if you or your admin has disabled gif's in conversations within the messaging policy, or for example, you were switched to another messaging policy where this is off.




If optional connected experiences is on, and you have it within the policy, you should see it. If you cannot see connected experiences, update your Teams Client, log out and back in and if that does not do it, try switching to public preview and see if you can see connected experiences then


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Since 28th of March, Gif disappeared in Teams.

I checked the admin dashboard gif's conversation within messaging policy : it's ok and activatedimage.png






But in Teams Client, i don't have "connected experiences" option.
We didn't change anything in messaging policy (there is only one policy for the whole organization).


Is there anything since December 2021 that has changed in parameters to recover gif ?