Getting calls on Android has no sound

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I have several Android phones and if you call the user via Teams it does not ring even though every setting in Teams is the same as on other phones that receive calls. Is it a bug? When I stop calling the users, they instantly get a missed call message? Sometimes I think i supposed to use getcontact premium apk.

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@swende1130  Does this unverified article address your issue? Fix Microsoft Teams Not Making Sounds - Technipages

It may you are experiencing the same thing I did.

My phone is configured so all work related apps is handled by InTunes in a dedicated work folder on the phone.

It even splits the app settings on the phone in a work app settings and private app setting.

In the work app settings Teams had be assigned all permissions out of the box (amongst others microphone and media output).


In the private app settings Teams had a rather restrictive setting as default, which included no access to microphone or media output.

Hence I was getting no sound in my Bluetooth headset when colleagues were calling me on Teams. I did get sound out through the phone own microphone and speaker, but only through the handheld speaker.

It seems Teams will always use the more restrictive policy?

After I added more permission to the private app settings for Teams, I could get my Bluetooth headset connected to Teams.



The solution turned out to be rather simple. But beware.


My phone is configured for Danish, so everything below is a translation to English, but you should be able to get the gist of it:


My phone (Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra) has devided App permissions into two parts.


For reference: Go to Settings -> Apps.


In the bottom of the screen you will see two words with one word being marked.


It is either "personal" or "work".


In order to have sound in Microsoft Teams in "work" mode, you need to give permission to "Microphone" and "Sound & Music" in both "personal" and "work" mode.


If ether work or personal mode does not allow access to "microphone" "sound & music", then you will not be able to speak to each other using teams.

Try restarting your phone, sometimes the phone may have a software problem, If not, you can take it to a phone repair shop to have them check it for you. 

@Hubert965 if you read what I write, then you will see problem was solved for me.


Your answer to reboot or let somebody else figure it out does not belong as a proper answer in a tech community at all for two reasons:


1) Rebooting is literally the first thing you attempt in case of memory corruption. No need to ask a community if that solves the issue.


2) Telling a tech save person to solve the issue by giving it to ANOTHER tech savy person does not tell anything about how the new tech person should solve the issue.


If you read my solution you would see it has something todo with Android settings and how it works when the phone is associated with a company account.


Particularly which kind of permissions is required under what scenario and those two settings are not mutually exclusive settings.