Getting access to Teams meeting files

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I was added to a bi-weekly Teams meeting today. This meeting had been scheduled weeks ago and had other attendees on it. Before I was added, they saved documents to the meeting's Files tab. When I got invited to the meeting, none of the documents in the Files tab showed up for me. Is there a way to get access to these documents in the Files tab without moving them somewhere else? 

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I believe if the meeting was not a Channel Meeting, then the whoever uploaded the files to 'files' they will be held in their OneDrive, so that person needs to give you permissions to view the file(s) from their OneDrive??
Hello, the individuals that shared the files need to give you permissions to them as you were invited after the sharing was done. When sharing files in a regular meeting they end up in the sharing parts OneDrive and automatically gives the participants access, when sharing in a channel meeting they end up in the underlying SharePoint library with the associated permissions. There are more scenarios that can be added to the file sharing in chats, but this is the "standard" way.