Get Team's name using Channel email address

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I have a channel email address and want to find out which Team it's under.

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I'm not sure what you're seeing. It usually starts with the channel name - Team name<>

@Jenny8675 , yes i have the Channel email address but i want to find out where that channel is; under which Team name. Do you know how and where to check?

I'm not sure how many Teams and channels you have but I know that if you go into Team Admin Center-Manage Teams-click Team name-click channel-click the email icon-it will show you the numeric email you may be seeing, assuming you're only seeing the <> I know that method is tedious though :(

There's no direct way to get this information, unless you've manually assigned this address to an object inside your tenant. Reason being, those addresses are handled in a "shadow" tenant that we have no visibility into.


What you can do is enumerate all Teams/channels and list any configured addresses, then filter the list. Here's a sample script:

@Jenny8675 thanks but i don't know what's the Team name so i can go to admin and look for it.

@Vasil Michev  Thanks! I'll check that blog. 

There exists an utility that handles the email addresses of Teams channels: