Get Previous version of Microsoft Teams client (Desktop APP) and its release notes

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We need to get the Previous version of Microsoft Teams client (Desktop APP) and its release notes.

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HI @Padmanaban_Jayaraman 


I needed to download the desktop App this today, I used the link Download Microsoft Teams Desktop and Mobile Apps | Microsoft Teams and scrolled to the bottom of this page , clicked on expand all , this revealed link to download the Classic Teams App .


I hope this helps.






I tried this solution and received a popup message forcing me to switch. Unfortunately, the new version contains bugs that make it unusable. I wish MS would stop forcing users to accept things they did not request.


I really need the previous version of Teams.

I have tried the New Teams and I had issues off and on with device recognition. Devise setting and dropped screen Share sessions.

Last night I could not even work with my client.

I would share the screen and after 15 seconds the call would drop.

The previous version never did this.

As a PLM Architect, I can't do my job, bill the client, with the new version: Demo's, Workshops, etc. I need the previous version.

Please provide it ASAP. I have Demos tomorrow.

Hi Scott, The Microsoft website seems to be have been updated recently, I had not visited it since posting previously, the steps I posted have been removed from the site, unless anyone else has a better location to find the client and I am unable to upload the original *.exe. The best option I can think of is to use Teams online through for your client meeting today. If you wish to reach out to me directly to get the client, I am available on email address removed for privacy reasons , My time zone is GMT Regards Paul

I'll try this another way.
scott 'dot' morrison 'at' capusgroup 'dot' com

Hi Scott It looks like MS are removing both our email address's , Please test using to access MS Teams online , I hope the moderator or another member of the community has a link for you to download the older MS Teams client. Regards Paul
Paul thank you for all your efforts.
Paul tried really hard to help me, but bottom line Microsoft has shut me down. I can't do Client Demos. The online version of Teams only allows me to show my primary monitor.
@ Microsoft; I trusted that if I used your "New" version of Teams that I could always go back to the previous version if there were usability issues but that is not the case. I am dependent on Teams screen Sharing, of secondary monitor, as a contractor and now I'm dead in the water.
Please make the previous version available until the "New" version is completely debugged. It is critical for my reputation, professionalism, and livelihood as a remote resource.
I need serious support.
Scott Morrison (PLM Enterprise Solution Architect)
Hello Scott,

Please, try to create a Teams Update Policy (settings: "Use new Teams client" : Classic Teams as default. "Show Teams preview features": Off ) in Teams Admin Center and then assign this policy to your account.

That should let you toggle between Classic Teams and New Teams depending on your needs.

I hope that will help you!

@ahmedshingly, an All,

The new Teams has finally settled down and performs as it should.

I guess it took a few Windows updates and Teas updates to fix the issues.

I lost a lot of productivity and made a lot of excuses to the client.

MS ... Please do more rigorous test before releasing such a key product.

Thanks All.



All, I am still looking for where I can download Classic teams. New Teams took away the ability to switch from Chat to Contacts and I use that very much.  I need it back. What does Microsoft think for us and remove options that users may like and actually use?



Please raise request on Microsoft support they will provide you link to download classic teams.

@Dhaval727 Sorry, but all I see at this link is info on the New Teams and how to download it. I want the old one that still has Chat / Contacts.