Get necesarry token to get meetings and their details on WEB API

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Hello everyone,
I am a jr. developer in a company and we have an integration project for teams into our mobile application. We successfully integrated and using the MS Teams application to create/edit, join etc. Now, we need to prepare a private report about meetings and details for our customers. But we have a problem with getting meetings' data.


I've read the documentation on  but we cannot use it. The name is "Not Supported" and the description is "Consent description unavailable" of this API's "Required Consent" on Graph explorer for{call id}. We cannot use this API due to the "You need to consent to the permissions on the Modify permissions tab" error (I tried with different accounts and having the same error. "Consent" button under the "Modify permissions" tab is not working.).

Because of this problem, we went to check out the admin dashboard of teams. We saw that a granted user can see users' meetings and details of these meetings (like participants, on the users profile, under the "Call History" tab). We checked out the console and we saw, this data is coming from But the problem here is, on the MS Teams admin dashboard, to get this data, a token is being used different than Microsoft and skype tokens (Microsoft token is taken from and skype token is taken from ).

We want to know, how to get that token so we can get "Meetings" data from'{user-id}')/Communications...  and "Participants" data from'{meeting-id}')/Pa...

Any help would be awesome with getting this data we need to prepare private reports ^^

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Hello Han, were you able to find a solution to the gather meeting analytics? I am looking for similar data and was wondering if you were able to find a solution.

@han-cse @Bhavpreet Bains 
I have the same, have you got any solution ?

Hi, I have the same question, can we generate token for ?