Get live Teams transcript via API

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I am working on an integration with MS Teams to perform live sentiment analysis in a meeting. I ultimately need raw text that can be fed into my model. I know that Teams can provide a live transcript during the meeting, but was wondering if the MS Teams SDK could access that transcript? Otherwise, the other option I have (which I'm trying to avoid) is building a bot that can receive audio streams and pass the stream to a voice-to-text parser 


Or is there another way to get live audio/transcript data that i'm missing? Thanks in advance!

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While looking for something similar in the past, I was unable to find any specific public API calls that could be used for this purpose. Just had another quick look, and it seems the transcription is still not available using a public API during the call.

@Pernille-Eskebo - It would be great to get an official answer to this question from someone at Microsoft. I am looking for the exact same feature

This is the closest I got posted by a Microsoft employee (not possible today)

Hi Christian,
Are there any new options to obtain real-time transcripts during meetings/calls to be used externally?
There is:
but it is only for Meetings sincce you need a meetingID i would need it for 1 on 1 calls, where i haven't found something