Get-CsCallQueue broken?

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If in your tenant you have more than 100 Call Queues done, are you able to get out more than 100 of them when querying those by PowerShell?


No matter what I do, I always get only 100:

PS C:\> Get-CsCallQueue | Measure-Object
Count : 100



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did you tried the parameter "-First" ?
Yes. I believe there has been some development since those days on the PS module. and now we are able extracting all the queues now.

Personally I'm wishing to see sometimes even a tiny logic on the PS. Think about, when you run "get-csonlineuser" you are getting all users. What has been the idea to have the paging to Call Queues ;D But perhaps, some day, I see the idea :D
I agree that its off that all other commands return unlimited results, but I found a way round this limitation.

Get-CsCallQueue -First 1 -Skip ($i-1)
while ($i -le 900)

Just change the upper limit to match what you think you have in your tenant, and it will bring back each one. We have around 770 call queues, so this was the only way I could get them all back.
Yes, the Get-CsCallQueue is broken command, it limits to pull out first 100 outpout
I have to use
Get-CsCallQueue -First 1000
to pullout all our Call Que