Get all user missed calls using graph API

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I am unable to find the graph API to get the missed calls. 

Could you please help me to find the graph API to list the missed calls from Microsoft Teams. 



Jenkins NS

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@Jenkins NS 


We do not have an API that will provide data for missed calls.


You can receive notifications on call record changes, but not for missed calls.

Hi Chris,
I know I'm tagging on to a historical question, but is this something that could be achieved through powershell perhaps?
I have a customer that is worried about the number of missed calls that may be happening but not able to get this stat to help address the concern.
Cheers Nick

@Jenkins NS 

Were you able to figure out the solution. We have the same issue where we could not track missed calls through Teams API. Any other alternative or place we can see this.

any help will be greatly appreciated.