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Victoria Etherington
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Hi All,


This is my first post from Leeds, West Yorkshire.

We have started to use Teams to host our morning video conference call with our other site.  Is there any way that you can host the meeting as some sort of "generic host"? The reason I ask is that we use a shared computer in the board room, so even though anyone can log in with their own details and you can stop other callers seeing what pops up on your screen with the "do not disturb" function, if someone for example accidentally left themselves logged in, there is the potential for others to see private information perhaps.


I thought I could have a blank  profile so to speak, so that the only function is to host the meeting, but are there any other options available?


I hope this makes sense!  Many thanks in advance,



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HI Victoria, how about setting up a "Room Account" for the shared PC so no private information is there. Then just make sure the Room Account is added to the meeting invites.

Hi Graham, thank you for your response.


This is a good idea and I think one that will likely be what we end up having to do!  I have not yet found any obvious other options anywhere.


Many thanks